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Aloe Vera An excellent Medicinal Plant. Aloe Vera The super medicinal plant, Its medicinal properties and its uses.

Aloe Vera: An excellent medicinal plant

From ages immemorial, the use of Aloe Vera plants are well known and appreciated.  The Greek scientists and researchers has mentioned the benefits of Aloe Vera plants around 2000 years ago and regarded Aloe Vera as the best medicinal plant available.  Aloe Vera plants usage and benefits can’t be replaced by any other alternative.  It is globally accepted fact that Aloe Vera has been making its mark from time to time.  Showing the best effect on skin problems and at present the benefits of Aloe Vera plants are being shifted to cure many acute and serious diseases. 
            As aloe Vera plants mostly consists of 95% water, they are not part of habitat of cold regions. They are not mostly found in topical and subtropical regions, mostly in Africa. Hot climate suits the growth of Aloe Vera plants. Growing aloe Vera plants in warm climates make them flourish and widely spread. Plant your aloe Vera in full sun, if not in tight shade. If you are planting it in your home yard keep aside the window for pope sun light. If you are in mild climate condition take care to provide sunlight properly. Aloe Vera plants can always survive draught very well but for the benefit of the plant water should be provided
            There are around 250 species of aloe Vera plant sin the worlds. Aloe vera plant is aloe barbadenis. Aloe Vera plants are basically tropical regions where weather condition is not chilling. Some of the older aloe Vera plant even blooms, producing a tall stock covered by bight color petals making it a beautiful flower. Aloe Vera plants such as Aloe barbadensis are known for their medicinal use, various kinds of ailments and ointments are available for burns, rashes and cuts. There are used in various beauty preparations to give your skin a beautiful look. Aloe Vera plant sap is thick musila ginous gel. This gel has lot of medicinal uses and is used in various ailments and ointments.
According to botany’s aloe Vera plants originated in warm conditions and mostly flourish in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Africa is one of the biggest homes of aloe Vera plants. But adaptability is the best policy and selfish human nature carried the plant for their use to various parts of the world. And due to its great adaptable nature and with a good care, aloe Vera plants can flourish in any region provided environment is somewhat warm. And for that purpose green houses can be of great support in growing aloe Vera plants anywhere.

In medical community at present aloe Vera has not much official standings and is not promoted widely for its medicinal uses world wide. But in spite of that, countries like US knows the importance of aloe Vera plants and is largely cultivating it aloe Vera gels is widely used in US for skin treatments such as burns and bruises. Additionally aloe Vera plants are used in many cosmetics materials and are also consumed as health drink. But at present, the uses of aloe Vera is not widely known and spread out currently FDA has approves use of aloe Vera plants for the research of cancer treatments and aids more and more research is underway on to get the most out from the powerful feeling agent

Aloe Vera plants are easy to grow in frost-free climates. They require well-drained gritty or sandy potting compost in moderate light. If planted in a pot or other containers. Use a good quality soil-based potting mix, with added prelite, grit, or coarse sand. Allow container grown plants to drip prior to re-watering.  The plants may become dormant in winter.  No moisture is required during this dormancy.  In areas that get frost o snow they are best kept indoors in a warm frost free environment. 

Medicinal use of Aloe Vera
This wonder herb is used for all kinds of digestive problems to regulate female hormones, to counteract wrinkles (Aloe Vera gel), for constipation, liver problems, ulcers, to heal the gut and to stop bleeding from intestines, aids and to cleanse and remove parasites and unwanted material from the digestive system etc.  In India Aloe Vera juice is consumed counteract the signs of aging.  In the west Aloe Vera drink is used to cleanse the liver and, when combined with turmeric to relieve PMS.  Topically the Aloe Vera gel is one of the best treatments for healing burns injuries and sunburns, aloe can also be used to heighten enzymes.  The juice from Aloe Vera plant is used in treatment of ulcers, heat burn and other digestive disorders.  It has recently been used for athlete’s foots. It is Important to get qualified advice about aloe Vera use, even though it is well used and considered to be safe
Introducing aloe Vera as a medicinal plant will be like making fun of aloe Vera. It is a world wide accepted fact that aloe Vera is a medicinal plant and has lot of medicinal uses. When mentioning the medicinal uses of aloe Vera be aware of healing properties. Oral intake and topical dressing of aloe Vera helps in curing various problems. The medicinal uses of the aloe Vera plants include the following:
·          Used to heal skin wounds
·          Used to heal burn
·          Helps in speedy recovery after surgery.
·          Used on blisters.
·          Helpful in healing insect bites.
·          Helpful bin healing rashes.
·          Helpful in healing sores.
·          Helpful in healing herpes.
·          Helpful in healing urinary infections.
·          Helpful in healing fungus.
·          Helpful in healing vaginal infections.
·          Helpful in healing conjunctivitis.
·          Helpful in healing allergic reactions.
·          Aloe gels are applied on dry skins to give them glowing effect.
·          Helps in reducing sunburn.
·          Helps in reducing acne.
·          Helps to fight frostbite.
·          Fights from shingles.
·          Helps in screening out x-ray radiation.
·          Used to reduce psoriasis.
·          Used to reduce rosaceous.
·          Used to reduce warts.
·          Used t reduces wrinkles from aging.
·          Used to reduce eczema.
·          Realizing so many medicinal uses of aloe vera plant, it is a pretty easy to say that aloe Vera is of great purposes in medical field as well. Apart from the above mentioned medicinal uses there are other more important uses such as:
·          AIDS cure: aloe Vera is showing a great potential to fight against AIDS. Researches

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