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Karkkidaka kanji/Marunnu Kaniji ingredients and how to prepare it- All about It.

The Malayalam month Karkidakam (the Ramayana Month – July 17 –August 16 in the year 2011) is the rainy season in Kerala and no agricultural work can be performed due to heavy rain and rain water. So the Karkida period was chosen for rejuvenating and revitalizing the body of each family member. During the month of Karkidaka, the medicinal porridge called Karkidaka Kanji commonly called ‘marunnu kanji’, a traditional herbal concoction, is used more than 1000 years ago for the purification of the body and the soul. The invaluable herbs magical healing powers together with the seasonal effect bring wonderful rejuvenating effect.

Karkkidaka kanji preparation
Ingredients: 1. Malli 2. Vizhalari 3. Chrupunnayari 4. Kutakapalayari 5. Karkokilari 6. Jeerakam 7. Perumjeerakam 8. Ayamodakam 9. Uluva 10. Aashali 11. Putharichundaveru 12. Varattumanjal 13. Katuku 14. Chukku 15. Sathakuppa 16. Naruneendikizhangu 17. Karimjeerakam 18. Elam 19. Thakkolam 20. Karayampoovu 21. Jathikka 

Preparation Method 1. Take 5 gms of each of these items and add 1 liter water + 250ml cow milk (coconut milk also can be used in place of cow milk)+ 80 gm rice. Boil and prepare kanji. 2. Take a little amount of Jeerakam + chuvanna ulli, and fry in cow ghee*, and mix it with the prepared kanji. Consume the prepared Kanji in lukewarm stage. * Patients who suffer from high Cholesterol levels, may use coconut oil in place of cow ghee) Duration This Kanji may be taken either early in the morning in empty stomach or at the night time as dinner, or both times if possible, for a minimum of Seven days continuously. 

The course can be continued in multiples of 7 days, till 28 days. Pathyam (Regimen) for the month of Karkitakam Dietary regimens In the month of Karkitaka, the food that one takes should be suitable for his/her appetite and digestive power. It is always advisable to take only boiled food. The major cereals that are suggested is rice and wheat for regular consumption. The other food items are as given under: Category Item Fruits Mango Grapes Dates Lemon Pineapple Papaya Guava Sappotta Pulses Green gram (Cherupayar) Black gram (Uzhunnu) Horse gram (Muthira) Vegitables Vendakka Churakka Chena Kothamara Amarakka Payaru Veluthulli Chuvannulli Savala Tomato etc. Non-Veg. Any meat in soup form with pepper, Jeerakam, ginger etc, which helps easy digestion. Drinking water Try to avoid water from river and ponds. Pure rainwater and well water can be used. Any way, only boiled and warm water is to be consumed, what ever may be the source. Do not drink excess water in this season. It is advisable to add items such as Jeerakam, dry dinger, Thippalli, elakka etc. which have medicinal property that enhance digestive power, in the water while boiling Note: While preparing food, limited amount of oil, sour and salt tastes are advisable. 

Other regimens 1. Take oil bath daily, applying oil both on body and head. 2. Avoid walking on bare foot. 3. Use umbrella to protect body from direct heavy rain and strong sunlight, which comes alternatively in this month. 4. Fumigate rooms and surroundings every day, in dusk. 5. Do not wear wet clothes. 6. It is suggested to apply scents on body. 7. Do not sleep during day time. 8. Spiritual readings that induce moral thoughts are suggested for better mental health. 9. Avoid excess physical exertions, as the general health trend will be weak in this month. 10. Make it a practice to go for a routine special Kerala Ayurvedic treatment like Uzhichil, Kizhi, etc. in the month of Karkitaka which help maintain our mental and body health, especially for those who are above the age of 40. 

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