Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Learn free courses from Universities abroad and take degree and doctorate, Learn free foreign university degrees. (Open Course Ware Consortium -OCWC.

Open course consortium  OCWC is formed for the students all over the world who like to study courses of International universities free of cost.  This is an online consortium.  Most of the Universities are not giving certificates in this regard.  However a student  is eligible to get all lecture notes in the international level.   The head quarters of the consortium is US and all details and help are available in the web:

Enter the web site and enquire  which course to be studied etc everything will be in your finger tips.
Most of the universities are from America.  There are four Indian members also.
they are:

1. Indian institute of Distant studies  (iids.co.in)

2. Indian Institute of Management - Bangalore (iimb.ernet.in)

3. Jawahar knowledge centre -    ( ieg.gov.in )

4. Kenfuse                              - (kenfuse.com )

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