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How to stop Mobile advetisement calls, How to block unwanted calls, How to block advertisement and unwanted calls.How to stop telemarketting calls

How to stop Mobile advetisement calls, How to block unwanted calls, How to block advertisement and unwanted calls.How to stop telemarketting calls

Stopping telephone advertisements can be done easily if you know where they are coming from. Whether you are receiving the advertisements through text message or via phone call, you can stop them from happening again in a few short steps. You can also do a blanket block of telephone advertisements by adding your telephone number to the national Do-Not-Call list. This will stop telemarketers from putting your phone number into their call rotation.
o                                                        1
Ask the caller not to call again. If you are receiving advertisements via telemarketers, you may ask that the person place your number on the company's do-not-call list. Once you place your name on the do-not-call list, ask for the telemarketer's name and a callback number in case you have any questions about your request. This helps you to have a direct contact in case they do not follow your wishes. Also record the time and date that you asked to be placed on the list so that you will have it for your personal information.
o                                                        2
Enter your name and telephone number into the national Do-Not-Call registry. Go to and put your telephone number on the list. After 31 days of having your name on this list, you will not be called by any registered telemarketers. If you do happen to be contacted by them, you can lodge a formal complaint with the registry, which can then take legal action. You can add both your home and mobile phone number to this registry.
o                                                        3
Text "STOP" to any text message advertisements you are receiving. By texting "STOP" most text message advertisement agencies recognize that you want to be removed from the ad list. You will most likely get one text message back within minutes of sending yours, asking you to confirm that you would like to be removed from the list. Confirm via text message, and you should stop receiving these messages.

The above given methods are used earlier for stopping unwanted calls.Now the things are made easy by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

Get free from Telemarketting calls and other unwanted calls or SMS.
Register Now-  By Calling to number 1909 (Toll free)
Or SMS to 1909 (Toll free)
To stop complete calls and sms   send message ‘STOP’ to 1909.
If anyone like to receive advt calls   of matters relating to cases (given in brackets) Send  like this  given below-   Eg: ‘START <option(s)> -

SMS  ‘START 1’ to 1909    For option   (Banking insurance and financial)
SMS ‘START 2 ‘ to 1909    For option   ( Real Estate)
SMS ‘START 3 ‘to 1909                  for option  (Education)
SMS ‘START 4’  to 1909                 for option   (Health)
SMS ‘START 5’  to 1909                for option (Consumer goods and Automobiles)
SMS ‘START 6 to 1909                  for option (Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment, IT)
SMS ‘START7’ to 1909                  for (Tours and other holiday engagements)

If we add 0 along with options- this will be treated as complete blocking of advts.
Eg-    SMS ‘START 023’       All will be blocked.

Sms ‘STOP1’ Like that.

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