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Coir Fed- Sweet homes by Nature with Coir- Coirfed products available in Kerala,

Coir Fed- Sweet homes by Nature with Coir- Coirfed products available in Kerala,

Coir Home Sweet Home
Coifed the Apex Federation of 600 odd coir co- operatives owns the largest network of Showrooms and state out lets in the Coir Industry.  Coirfed with its Head office located in the Coir capital, Alappuzha is the largest stockiest of Coir and Coir Products. 
Besides the huge procurement and marketing network, Coirfed has set up an array of state of technology factories for the production of Fibre to Rubberized Coir Mats and PVC tufted Mats.
Coirfed present a wide pallet of hand made and machine made products tailor made for your needs.
Coirfed, blends professional management techniques with the fine workmanships
Of traditional craftsmen to deliver the best product that is eco-friendly and attractive.
Coirfed enjoys the reputation of dealing only in eco-friendly products.
Coirfed, follows a policy of fair pricing and stringent quality standards in catering the needs of customers.
All these have helped coirfed in “weaving together nature and beauty” to the lives of we all.

Door Mats-  Dust out coirfed mats.
The largest application for coir is probably Door mats.  It is water resilient, dust absorbent and attractive in design and colors.  Anti-skid protection is provided using latex.  PVC/Rubber backing.  The door mats of Coirfed are branded as “Dust out”. 

Fibre Mats – Coirfed mats
Fibre mats, hand made by tufting coir fibre, is durable and attractive due to its superior designs and pie height.  Designs are either inlaid or painted.  It will no doubt change the look of your interiors and exteriors a like.

Creel Mats.
The pile of creel mats are formed by fine spun coir yarn.  Designs are formed either by stenciling or using dyed coir yarn.  These mats are elegant attractive and cost effective. 

PVC Tufted Mats.
The mats made by tufting fine spun coir yarn in  poly vinyl chloride using sophisticated machinery in rolls.  These rolls are cut in to different shapes and sizes and designs are printed.  Coirfed, enjoys a near-monopoly in fine spun coir yarn used in making this mats.

Rubber molded Mats
A perfect blend of two natural products. Coir and Natural rubber, this product comes in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes.  It is cost effective and elegant.

Coir Matings-Jutes-Blended mat
Mattings woven in different patterns, colors and designs using handlooms and power looms is used in end to end carpeting, stairs, pavements and corridors.  It is also used in walls and ceilings.
Mattings are made using coir, jute, and by blending coir and jute yarn.
The alluring range of mattings in different weaves and colors dramatically change the look and feel of your interiors, it helps keep you warm.  It enjoys superior acoustic property that makes it an effective alternative for echo control.

Carpets- Mourzouks, Coir Rugs, Jute carpets
Coir carpets come in a wide range of designs, patens and weaves.  They include carnatic pile carpets, Mourzouks and Coir Rugs.  The pile carpet and Mourzouks , hand made, heritage products of Kerala, ae the best examples of master craftsmanship.  Coir Rugs are available as bound, fringed and webbed, with jor without latex backing.
Coir and jute blended Rugs and carpets brings together the softness of jute and ruggedness of Coir.

Matress- Coirfed Deep sleep Matress.- Coirfed Deep sleep mattress
Coirfed the pioneer in the line of Rubberzed Coir products presents an array of products by blending natural latex and coir fibre.  The product range includes Coir mattress, Pillows Cushions, carpet underlay, Bath mats etc.  The rubberized coir products of coirfed are branded  “Coirfed deep sleep”.

Coir Tiles
The innovative free laying tiles do not require any adhesive.  It can be laid in different patterns and combinations as the customer desires. 

Coir Geotextiles
An engineering product used in applications like soil erosion, river embankment protection, landscaping etc.  Coir Geotextiles combines durability and eco-friendliness.  The range includes Coir Mesh Mattings, Cocologs, Coir Geomembrane.  Coirfed has implemented numerous projects using the Coir Geotextiles.  This product range is marketed under the brand Coco-Geo Fabrics. 

Coco Pith
Coco pith is the best alternative to soil conditioner, Coir pith is marketed as coir pith bricks and coir pith soil conditioner.  Coirfed has set up seven units for processing Coir pith.  The range is marketed under the brand Cocofert.

Garden Materials
Coirfed presents a range of garden materials under the brand –Coco green-.  It includes Coco pot, coco basket, coco trey, Coco climer, Coco disk, Mulch mat etc.  Coirfed, the government owned federation is a one stop store for all eco friendly coir products.  It offers you a  perfect solution for the needs of your home and office both exterior and interior.  Take it from the leader.  Take it from Coirfed.

For more information on coir products contact:
Coirfed, The Kerala state co-operative Coir Marketing Federation Ltd,
PB No. 4618, Alappuzha, Kerala India.

Tel: 91477 2243627, 2243628,2243629.
Fax : 91 4772244013
E-mail :


Coirfed showrooms In Kerala with  Address with pincode and Telephone contact numbers.

Place of Showroom
Address of Showroom
Phone Number
Coirfed Showroom, Coirfed Buildings, Chamber Road., Alappuzha.
0477 2261494
Coirfed Showroom, Kadicheeni, Complex, Main Road, Chalakudy,-680 307
0480 2702916
Coirfed Showroom, Charummoodu, Charummoodu P.O.,
0479 2385141
Coirfed Showroom, Municipal Shopping Complex, Near Railway Station, Chengannur.
0479 2453034
Coirfed Showroom, Mattammel Building, M.G.Road, Near Cochin Ship Yard., Kochi.
0484 2367508
Coirfed Showroom, Municipal Shopping Complex, South Bazar, Near K.S.R.T.C. Bus Stand, Kannur.
0497 2707108
Coirfed Showroom, No.31, T.K.M.S. Complex, Near Kayamkulam Municipal Building, Kayamkulam
0479 2163673
Coirfed Showroom, Municipal Shopping Complex, Chinnakkada, Kollam.
0474 2748954
Coirfed Showroom, Room No.19, Municipal Shopping Complex, Nagampadam., Kottayam.
0481 2303279
Coirfed Showroom, Calicut mall building, Near Sabha School, Puthiyara Road, Kozhikode.
0495 2549105
Coirfed Showroom, Room No.3, Municipal Shopping Complex, Up Hill, Mancherri Road, Malappuram-676 505.
0483 2731806
Coirfed Showroom, MMC VII/2079208, Merry Land Building, Puthiyakavu., Mavelikkara.
0479 2343104
Coirfed Showroom, Municipal Shopping Complex, Erumakkara Street, G.B Road, Palakkad, -678 001,
0491 2546451
Coirfed Showroom, Panchayat New Shopping Complex, B19, Parippally, Kollam District.
0474 2576111
Narmada (Tvm)
Coirfed Showroom, Narmada Shopping Complex, Kawadiar, Thiruvananthapuram-1 - 695 003.
0471 2436956
Trida (Tvm)
Coirfed Showroom, TRIDA Shopping Complex, Palayam,   Thiruvananthapuram-2.
0471 2328841
Coirfed Showroom, Municipal Shopping Complex, Near Bus Stand, Tirur.
0494 2421441
Coirfed Showroom, 
Sree Vadakkumnadhan Shopping Complex, Room No.28/642/45 & 28/642/46, Paliyam Road, Round North, Thrissur – 680 020.
0487 2324262
Ambalappuzha (Alappuzha Extn. Counter)
Coirfed Showroom, J. J. Tower, Komana, Ambalappuzha.

Sulthan Batherry
Coirfed Showroom, City Centre Complex, Rahim Memorial Road, Sulthan Batherry, Wayanad – 673 592
0493 6265607


  1. Coir is the natural fiber from the extracted husk of the coconut.The Above information for very useful to all the user.


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