Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to de- activate BSNL Caller Tunes- Hallo Tunes, The procedure to stop BSNL Caller tunes of Mobile - How to remove BSNL Caller tune already activated, How to stop BSNL Caller tunes, De- activation of BSNL Caller tune- songs./To register BSNL Caller tunes.

BSNL Caller tunes are the songs which the caller hears instead of ringing tone when calling. The tunes are available at the website of BSNL  Up to Rs. 30/- is charged for using the same  in the mobile. There is also additional charge for selecting song.  

If you do not like the song or like to de activate this there is provision for that.
Steps for removing BSNL Tunes (caller tune, hello tune) is as follows:

Un-Subscription (Removal of Caller tunes): Send SMS “BT DACT” to 56700.
Dial “56700” and follow IVR machine voice and say “Un-subscribe”

To Register for BSNL Caller tunes

Send SMS “BT ACT” to 567 for registration
Send SMS “BT ” to 567 for song selection.
Send SMS “BT REQUEST ” to 567

Monthly Subscription Charges: Rs 20/-
Monthly Song Charges: Rs 12/- for premium songs Rs 9/- for non-premium

Call to 56700
Call charges: Rs 4/- will be deducted per minute.
SMS charges: Rs 2/- will be deducted per SMS.

Premium Song MEANS all movie songs.
A non-Premium song means any recorded song or recorded voice by customer himself.
Month means 30 days period from date of registration.

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