Friday, January 20, 2012

Tata Docomo Presents High Speed Internet –Photon Max -in Kochi & Trivandrum

Tata Docomo presents a new high speed internet facility in Trivandrum and Kochi named Photo Max.

For the purpose the company has improvised its network by expanding the efficiency in key 100 cites in various cities in Kerala
Photon Max is a High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) Service which offers speeds up to 6.2 Mbps (Downlink) & 3.6 Mbps (Uplink) Awesome ! It is a mobile internet connectivity which allows you to access internet anytime, anywhere The speeds offered are Up to 6.2 Mbps (Downlink) Up to 3.6 Mbps (Uplink) Make the most of Tata Photon Max Advantage : Superior In-building Coverage Tata Photon Max operates at a frequency of 800 MHz to give you superior indoor connectivity . No additional roaming charges across India You can enjoy free roaming across 5 cities in India where Photon Max coverage is available. Tata now days launching different internet packs, In regions where Photon Max coverage is not available, the services will continue to operate at Photon Plus speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps (Downlink) and 1.8 Mbps (Uplink). In regions where Photon Plus services are not available, services will be offered at speeds up to 153.6 Kbps. Enhanced Signal reception on the move The 'Receive Diversity' with dual antennae in the device aids in stronger signal reception. Dedicated Spectrum for data Services Dedicated data spectrum ensures that any voice usage does not impact your internet experience

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