Monday, February 27, 2012

Kakkoor Kalavayal- Kakkoor kalavayal

Kakkoor kalavayal is a famous Agricultural Festival known in South Kerala, which is a centuries old practice coming during the month of Malayalam Month Kumbham.  Kumbham months usually falls in February – March.  It is a post harvest festival celebrated by the people of Kakkoor and nearby places.  The main highlight of Kakkoor kalavayal is the cattle market- which is the literary meaning of ‘Kalavayal’ The Festival Kakkoor kalavayal includes exhibition of agricultural products and elephant procession.  The main programme of Kakkoor kalavayal is the cattle race and it is performed on the last day of Kakkoor kalavayal.

The myths of Kakkoor kalavayal:
There are many myths associtated with Kakkoor kalavayal.  It is the celebration of the annual meeting of the deities of Edapara and Ambasery temples which are situated nearby area of kakoor who are sisters.  The festival is celebrated in the star days of Aswathi, Bharani, Karthika, Rohini  in the month of Kumbham. 

However this cattle race has stirred up many animal busse issues as well.   There are wide spread complaints that the racers resort to barbaric tactics  to force the bulls ahead in the event like whipping and applying chilli paste on the animal’s eyes among others.   So Kakoor kalavayal is fully videotaped  from start to finish to scrutinize  for any violations or cruelity to animals. 
The festival of Jellikettu in Madurai is  some what same as of Kakkoor kalavayal deeply rooted  in history and hold special sentimental value for the local populace.   However no one can deny that these barbaric and bestial events designed by men for his pleasure  are at the expense  of the well beings of these mute and hapless animals which are again and again  put into extreme hardship in pain. 

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