Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Expected DA from 1-1- 2012 may be 7%, Additional DA of 7% to Central Government Employees from 1-1-2012, DA may increase by 7% to 65 w.e.f. 1-1-2012.

Expected DA from 1-1- 2012 may be  7%, Additional DA of 7% to Central Government Employees from 1-1-2012,  DA may increase  by 7% to 65  w.e.f. 1-1-2012.  

The magnet word of ‘Dearness Allowance’ is the commonly used among the Central and State government employees and Pensioners. As it is the only allowance which they can expect twice in a year to overcome the financial burden in their families. Even though they are entitled to receive a number of allowances, it may vary depends upon the work, workplaces and climatic conditions. Some of these allowances has limitations and paid only to the eligible employees according to the nature of work. But the Dearness Allowance is not like that. This allowance is paid to all central government employees evenly without any specific limitations.

As every one knows that D A is paid twice in a year i.e. in January and in July as recommended in the 6th Central Pay Commission. The Central Government announces the D A on the recommendations of the Labour Bureau which calculates the rising prices of different essential commodities at different places all over India. When the price rises, DA also rises.

Employees are eagerly awaiting the announcement of this year’s first instalment of DA and it will be announced soon by the government.(expected DA increase will be 7%)

DA may be increased by 7% to 65%- Decision taken and orders issued by Finance ministry. 

DA from 1.1.2012 may increase 7% form the existing rate is expected. Now all the Central Government employees and pensioners are getting 58% from their basic pay (Pan in the pay band + Grade Pay), it will become as 65% from 1.1.2012. The minimum of the enhanced amount of DA will be Rs.500 to the existing employees.

Payement has been effected as per the orders in almost all  the central Government offices in India.  

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